Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Another sleepless night

I'm sitting up waiting to get sleepy and instead of doing something useful I have picked up a nasty habit of watching one of the numerous reality shows on TV. In Swedish these sad black spots on the face of humanity are called "dokussåpa", from documentary soap opera. This one is called "Farmen", the Farm, and has a bunch of weird people running a farm way out in the countryside. This show is actually from last year and they rerun two episodes every night at 3am. I know, even more pathetic to watch it. Guess I can call it a work related damage. Now I'm eager to find out who is going to be voted out. It's a struggle between Jens, a guy in my age (who I obviously sympathize with), and a middle-aged woman in "the girls-gang". Since they are four girls in a pact they have finished off almost all guys. One character they voted out in a recent episode was "naken-Jan", naked-Jan. He was running around naked all the time and judging from my colleagues at the old peoples' home he very soon became a national celebrity. Oh... now it starts... gtg


Johan said...
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Johan said...

Being two episodes wiser I have to say that it's just not the same anymore without naken-Janne. Long gone are those nights watching he's little weenie, which made probably 99% of us male viewers feel very confident and offered 100% of the female viewers a lot of amusement on the behalf of us remaining 50% humankind. Especially after he had gone swimming in the cold lake.

Anonymous said...

YOU obviously haven't been looking down south very much baby :D