Tuesday, August 03, 2004

In Värnamo working with the old

Tina and Ella having vulcanic hotpot in Åminne.

Not sure what I will write in this blog. Woke up this morning, brushed my teeth, went down to have breakfast... blah blah blah... Well, I'm home during the summer. Thought it would be nice to see family and friends and maybe it is. But it's pretty damn boring. Hope it will make me more motivated when I go back in Beijing. Gonna need it. Learning Chinese is actually too much, but I'm right in the middle of it and I'm pretty stubborn. Shouldn't complain since I really wouldn't want to do anything else right now.

The main reason to come home was because Samantha was travelling in Europe. After have bought the ticket home we broke up, but we met up anyway. I think and hope that was a good choice. We have gone throught quite a bit now and maybe we will be able to ride this one out too.The picture is from when we made hotpot for the family.
I'm working in a home for old people. Night shift. Did that last summer too. It's pretty easy and quite different from most stuff I've done before. I start at 9pm, then basically make three rounds and give the old medicine, wipe their ass if needed, and move them around a little so they don't sleep on the same side the whole night. It's easy and you get used to the stuff pretty fast. If I would describe some of the stuff we do I think quite a few people would think it would be unimaginable, but if you've done it yourself it becomes natural and feels necessary and even important. One think is that most of them need painkillers and we give them a pill up their behind. Sounds gross? Deal with it. It's probably going to happen to you when you get older too. At least if you will be able to afford some health care.

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