Thursday, August 26, 2004


I tried to sleep yesterday, but that was impossible after staying up so many nights in a row. This morning I got up at eight to pick up my sister after I had slept 3,5 hours. Not a good start of a day that was pretty important to me. Anyway, at eleven I was in town to talk to a journalist. We chatted for an hour about this and that. She didn't ask much so I kept talking. Guessing from the random notes she scribbled down I guess the outcome can be pretty random. She didn't seem to have an angel at all and I'm not sure what they wanted out of it. Afterwards I went out with a photographer and took some photos on the street. One was outside one of the Chinese restaurants. Hope they don't take that one. Think that would be pretty cheesy. I regret agreeing on that one.

In the afternoon I had a chat with Mr Jan Hultegård. That was a good idea to chat with him and I think he gave me some important points. He had an appointment with a consultant next week that has been working for the Swedish Trade Counsel and have helped to established many large Swedish corporations in China. He gave me his number and wanted me check with him to see if he had something for me. Then he gave me a list of phone numbers to companies here that are currently evaluating and searching for partners and opportunities in China. He said that my best chance was probably to do market research. General articles would probably be of no interest, even for newspapers. He thought that if I could get some experience in this field it could be very valuable for me in the future, but it didn't seem like he thought it was much hope for me to get something started this year like this. Think he did his best to point me in a direction where I would have best chances. Useful.

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