Thursday, August 19, 2004

Saga (Göteborg)

Yesterday I took the train to Göteborg to see Stefan, Toba, and... Saga! Stefan is a very good friend of mine, Toba his girlfriend, and Saga is my little god daughter! They came to see me in Beijing this last December. Very brave considering that they were bringing a one year old baby and considering their money constraints. Toba is still studying and Stefan hasn't got a permanent job. Anyway, they are the best people. I love them.

The last two days I've been trying to go up in the mornings to get some normal sleeping habits. Problem has been that I have stayed up during the nights too, resulting in that I have basically stayed up two days in a row. When I arrived in Göteborg I fell asleep on the square outside the railwaystation. My baby called me there which was very nice of her. Love you baby! I probably looked like one of all the street bums around me. At 5 pm Stefan got off work and I went with him to Saga's god-mother's place where we had dinner together and I got to play with Saga. Yes, I played with her. She didn't run away scared. She wasn't crying. Despite what some of you out there might think (SAMANTHA!), I don't automatically make children run away crying. :-) I've got pictures to prove it! She was calling my name! It was great. She has made such progress since December and she is soo playful. I'm sure it must make her parents very happy... and very tired. I still don't really look forward to get any kids in the near future. Having kids and not so stable finances seems way to stressful. My living situation has to change a lot before I will consider it. I really hope that they will make it work out.

Toba has 2,5 years more years for her psykology degree. I expressed my unfounded doubts about the effectiveness of theraphy to Stefan and I think I proved myself rather ignorant. He has himself gone through some and I suppose he thinks it was of use. Guess this is a science that has to deal with a lot of sceptisism and I wonder how well founded that sceptisism is. Any comments?

I stayed over at Toba's fathers place and said goodbye in the morning. I went with Stefan back to the train station. He works nearby. I just missed the first train and bought a ticket for the second. I was almost dizzy of sleepiness, but managed to go to a bookshop to read for a while. When I finally looked at the watch I had missed the train with half an hour. The very nice lady at the sales-desk gave me a new ticket for free, reporting it as 'traffic disturbances'. I had lunch and was extremely close to miss the next train too. They had to wait for me when I came running two minutes past departure. Later on that train I fell asleep and woke up one town past where I should have gone off. I was just so damn sleepy I couldn't stay awake. I missed my next connection and but they again offered me a new ticket. I just had to buy the ticket back one stop. Finally, ten hours later after departure from Göteborg I arrived back in Värnamo. It usually takes slightly more than 2 hours. It was fucking torture to try to stay awake. I must have looked pretty weird today, falling asleep all over.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no, baby! You missed one train and a stop! And I thought I was crap for missing a bus. Anyway.. good to read your blog and find out what’s going on. I was wondering what happened to you yesterday. But it’s alright. I am not worrying.

I’m glad that you are making progress with Saga. She is a very cute, spirited and healthy baby! Mind, not every baby is like that. My brother was this sickly little bundle. I think younger parents definitely get healthier children. So what say we try for one too? :)

Well the thing is, you are very right about not having children when you are financially incapable. It’s not fair to the child to begin with, you can’t give him a good life for the best years of his childhood. If I had one, I would give him the best (like dressing him in those really cute Guess kids babywear hahaha… sorry. I am so carried away, that is completely out of the point). Your friends are really brave. I didn’t know that Toba was still studying. Then isn’t it a real plunge to take, having Saga, AND having a second kid soon?

Well anyway…hope something came out from your trip. Reflection? New belief in psychology? Reporting dos and don’ts from Stefan? Renewed belief that children are terrorists?

Your beloved.