Monday, August 30, 2004

Klaus 50 (Stockholm)

On Saturday we went up to Stockholm to celebrate my aunt's husband's 50th birthday. My aunt Gunilla is very friendly and warm. She is also an excellent cook! Her husband Klaus is really funny and pretty cool, except that he can't control his temper and sometimes just explodes in rage. For someone who doesn't know his rage can come as quite a shock. One thing about their family is that they play games together. Klaus and his daughters are playing board games and computer games together for hours and hours. I would want to have that kind of friend-relation with my kids too. My parents and me never had anything like that. His gift was a trip to watch the Sweden-Malta football game on Malta. After all the polite and boring time-spending with relatives that I meet very rarely and people that I don't know, we did just that. Played board games.

On Sunday they served a million different kind of cookies and cakes to colleagues and friends. I mostly hid in the basement. In the afternoon we drove back to Värnamo.

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