Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Click to read the text on my dad's hat.

Went fishing in the morning with my dad after have only slept one or two hours. We got one tiny little pathetic baby fish. As usual I was more interested in relaxing than actually catching them poor little creatures. First day out fishing just me and my dad. No big argument or getting pissed off so maybe I should call it a success. That hat is a gift from me. I found it in a car trunk when I was in the States in '94.

Samantha have a new phone today and send me a bunch of cute messages. Really hope we can make it work out this time and I have a good feeling about it. I had a really horrible nightmare when I took a nap during the day. I dreamt she cheated on me. A bunch of British guys were hitting on her and she wouldn’t say no. Breaks my heart. When I woke up I felt really hurt and couldn’t really get over it. Maybe I am an overly jealous guy. I even dream about it. Hope my brain can figure out something more pleasant to dream about. Figured out that I could probably have earned more money by registering as unemployed then working this summer. Sucks since if I did I could have written some exams instead. But then again, someone has to come and light up the existence of my groupies at the retirement home. In my previous work I eared a lot more than I do with this summer job, and I have an insurance to get out money incase I get unemployed. I wasn’t sure how it worked. When I called up to ask about the insurance the girl there recommended that I should try to get some out of it before I go to China. In that way I will keep my benefits for next year. Otherwise I will lose them. Wonder how many people that are abusing this system. Now I wonder how long I can stay away and still get these benefits. Obviously I’m not allowed to go to China and get benefits. With 580 SEK a day you can have a pretty decent life in China! Working dayshift tomorrow with my beloved old ladies and gentlemen. Think it will be quite a change to see them during the day. The 13th I’m finished this summer of ass wiping and will be ready for new adventures. Haven’t really decided who I will let read this thing and what I will write in it. I think I’m trying to avoid lying and try to stand for what I do. Think there’s a high chance no one will read it. So, if anyone actually will, I will appreciate it. In return I will try to keep babbling on with out taking too much consideration. I read the chapter in on what to do if your mom discovers your blog. One of the risks with that might be that she will actually get to know me better. ;-)

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