Sunday, August 22, 2004

The game

Had a good chat this morning with my baby. It was 4 am and I couldn't sleep again. I really miss her and I really hate that we have to talk a lot about past things. Some things in the past are really hard to get over and I think we are both worried that we could go through it all again. That would be the end of it. Actually, I think we have learned a lesson and actually that we went through it makes pretty confident. I'm really happy that we are together. I feel strong for this little silly girl. We are quite different creatures, but we have fun together. One big threat is that we are both going through turbulent times now. A lot of things are changing and we won't be able to be together to share all that. I hope that won't lead to a gap between us.

Pathetically watched the reality soap "Farmen" again. This time starting 4.30am! The program planners really tried to help me not watch it, but again to no use. Who the hell stays up to watch a rerun of this program at 4.30 pm!? The program must have one viewer! Pathetic me. Funny thing in that show is that they let a whole bunch of people that have been voted out come back. Must feel pretty frustrating for the people competing.

Unfortunately this period of my life when i waste a lot of time watching TV coincides with the Olympics. It's on from morning to the evening. Sweden (9M), being about twice the population of Singapore (4,5M), has won a couple of medals by now. One gold (*Update* 3 golds!). Still it's considered to be a pretty bad round for 'us'. Singapore? Hahahaha!!! Actually. Who cares?

I think the Chinese winners are the saddest. Many participants come from sport institutions where kids are basically picked and brought up in the sport. That just doesn't exist anywhere else but the old communist states. The country's pride comes above the individual. Compare India. There the government is not trying to produce Olympic medals from the population. That sounds a lot saner to me, but India won't score very high in medal statistics. No one will pick some girl from a kindergarten and put her to practise weightlifting in exchange for economic compensation for her parents. In all the reports from Chinese teams you always see slogans written in huge slogans proclaiming stuff like: "Make your country proud, make your country strong". It just doesn't exist here and I don't really know where else you wouldn't find that odd.

Many Chinese I have met think they have to represent the whole country when you meet them and they become very unnatural and irritating. It's first after a while they relax and start talking so you actually want to listen to them. Then you see that they aren't necessary so super nice and polite, but pretty much the same like the rest of us. Don't get me wrong. People ARE friendly. It's just that a first impression from a white guy is that everybody is super-nice. That's not the case. Don't get me started about "mr. evil" for example.

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Anonymous said...

There are certain things that can be done and gotten away with when you are running a Communist country. When will there be a peasant rebellion? We want a peasant rebellion! Overthrow the regime!


Well, I guess winning at the Olympics is one of those things the CCP tries hard to achieve, cuz winning does well for national morale and pride. You know that they are desperately trying to maintain their right of rule. Be it with economic reforms or smaller things like that. So, my pt being, everyone wants to see his/her country win. It's not important to you, maybe, but for some people who are bored out of their minds waiting for their grain to grow and weaned on propaganda that their country has a 5000 year history and the Great Wall of China can be seen from space, winning IS important.

I don't care if S'pore wins or loses obviously, cuz I've bigger worries on my mind :P Besides I don't see the thrill of having S'pore win with the help of a Chinese import (ref: my blog).

I'm worried baby. No msgs from you today. Are you still mad at me? :( I'm glad we talked yesterday... but I hope I didn't upset you. I miss you. You are important to me. You are VIP of my heart (im gonna cringe and die)!

Your Beloved Cow