Sunday, August 15, 2004

Tina goes to the other side of the pond

My sister Tina is flying to New York on Monday to begin training for her year as an au pair in DC. I'm really happy for her and hope she will have an as transforming year as I had when I was an exchange student in Greenville 93/94. That year changed a lot for me and now I'm this smart successful winner ;) I have heard that many girls working as au pair are quite lonely, but I hope her year will be different. The little I've heard from her host seems to be good. Whatever cures her from becoming a teacher, nurse, or priest. Dear sisters... I'm just kidding.

Tonight we had a goodbye-BBQ. Tina said that her host family will come and visit Sweden during the fall and they will take her with them. Seems to be really nice people. Unfortunately I won't be there at the time.

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