Friday, August 13, 2004

Days in Stefan's life

I received a phone call from Stefan this afternoon just after I had woken up. He told me all these things that to me seemed to be from another world. There must be worlds between how we feel right now and I find it so hard to relate no matter how much I try. His mother-in-law have passed away. The cancer finally took her life. Two days later Saga, my god daughter got a cousin. A little cousin that will never see her grand mother. A grandmother who will never see her granddaughter. As this wasn't enough of an emotional rollercoaster, Stefan also told me that Saga will have a brother or sister. I'm just sitting here and can't feel anything. I do feel a little bit sad that I can't be there or find a way to support him. Support them. I do want to show them that I don't take it lightly that Stefan choose me as Saga's god father. I'm proud, but also oh so incapable of showing it. I will try to go and see them in Göteborg during next week before they head back up north to Umeå.

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