Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Today I paid a visit to the Swedish unemployment agency ("Arbetsförmedlingen"). Great fun. It was quite a lot of people there, probably all the people that has had temporary jobs during the summer, like me, and has nothing to do after. First I got to register on a computer. I entered that I was looking for job as a computer programmer and checked some programming languages and programs that I think I know a little bit. I didn't write anything about my university degree. Think that would make me a little bit too employable for now. Who wouldn't want to hire me? I've got a small army of old ladies that would warmly recommend me.

When I think about it, I think I will add some about my Chinese. I have no intention of getting a job now, and actually I really don't want an offer, but it would be interesting if I got one from my Chinese knowledge. I don't think I can actually do anything with it, and I don't see what kind of employer that would hire me for that (maybe Chinese restaurant?).

Then got to talk to a counsellor and he really wanted to push me to register other jobs. First I agreed on teaching. When he said that I could probably get that, I backed off and I said that I really wanted to try something else. I really don't want a job and especially not teaching. So I'm registered as someone looking for programming jobs and... working on an assembly line! So if you know anyone looking for that kind of employee, don't tell them. Now I will hang around a little until I know whether I'm allegeable for unemployment benefits. Or maybe I just go soon since I think it will take some time to process the papers.

I still haven't made any moves concerning my vague idea of my 'China: A Threat or Opportunity'-project as a reporter. I'm actually not that clear about it. The email I have written is not very good, so I will rewrite it.

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