Saturday, August 21, 2004

A slow day

A slow day. Samantha called right after I got up. I was still a little irritated since yesterday. She has been writing saying that she was disappointed because she had been waiting for me and when I got back she didn't understand why I couldn't go online. She was very sad for the whole thing. She later said that she was feeling sick and I think she went to bed early. Poor baby. I will be by your side soon.

Spend most of the day sorting through all the papers and mail from the whole year that I have just left on a big pile. Made a little action-plan for what I will do on Monday.

Staying here at home makes me very, very unproductive. Thinking of how little I have done to day is sad. I watch a lot of TV, listen a lot to radio, read the paper, watch my beard grow. In the morning I usually scan through the TV and radio section to see if there is something I shouldn't miss and then I plan my day after that. Sad. I don't really want to socialize with the people I know in this town right now. I want to finish my business as quick as possible and go to Singapore to eat prata and cook rice with Samantha.

Ma and Pa want me to join for a birthday party in Stockholm next weekend. We'll see about that.

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