Friday, August 13, 2004

My cousin's wedding anniversary

The other day was my cousin Sara's wedding anniversary. During the wedding there was a game which assign some of the guests a task for each month during the coming year. Being a guy who never, NEVER, wins in a lottery, was the guy among some hundred guests to make something special for the happy couple on their wedding anniversary. I was not very amused. I don't know them very well actually, and I thought I would be in China. It bothered me so much too that my parent seemed to get so enthusiastic about it too happy to send a message that they want us children to be happily wedded in soon too. In a church. And have babies. And get low paid jobs, like gardening, and try not to achieve anything in particular. Wow.. That was a bitter remark. Forgive me. I'm in some sort of phase. I'll get over it.

Anyway. That day I managed to sleep 16 hours and woke up 3 pm. I had planned to cook something and bake a cake for them (ok, ok, ok... My mum gave me a recipe. Thanks mum). Well.. So I go down thinking it's like 10 or 11 in the morning. But it's 3 pm. Death. Humiliation. I start to imagine all the shit I will get for it. Well.. I call my aunt, get their number and where they live. Yeah, I didn't even know that. Call them and tell them I will be an hour late or so. Make a cake in record time. While it's in the oven I take a shower, shave, and get dressed. Then out with the cake, drive to the store and buy food, and then off to their place. 5 pm I'm there and we have a really nice time. I was the first in the family to see their 5 days old son. It was really good and I got to know them a lot better. Their anniversary was not so important for them at that day. Think they were mostly tired and thrilled of having a child. Probably happy that someone came to give them some food. They are a really nice couple. But stuck now! Muahaha!! Well.. Whatever makes them happy. I'm afraid I won't be there for them to talk about diapers. Not unless I have one myself. (Woo.. Some sort of sign of a desire to have babies now? No.)


Anonymous said...

Guess I'll never have a baby anytime soon then, darling?


Johan said...

No babies. But I think we should practise a lot! ... just in case ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah no babies. They aren't that stylish anyway. ;)But U look forward to trying... really hard.

Come soon baby!