Friday, August 27, 2004

Chicken á la Samantha

The Olympics seems to go on and on. If you turn on the tube there's most likely sports on every channel. My parents receive only three channels (!). I have to get out of here so I won't be tempted to watch TV. Boring, bad, TV. Or surf the web. Only study Chinese.

I slept really well this night and I think I'm on track to be back in normal sleeping patterns. After spending most of the day debating with my sister on what to do, the rain decided for us and we did nothing. In the afternoon we got to play a little bit tennis.

This whole week my parents been dead broke, waiting for their salary so the fridge been almost empty. I actually didn't know they were broke until there was no food. They didn't tell me. We siblings have no idea what they spend money on. I think it's my dad who spend it on small things. I mean, the garage and basement is full of tools and stuff. The last couple of days I've been the one filling the fridge. The problem is that tomorrow we are going to my aunt's husband's 50th birthday and since my parents got money today they have been busy shopping and preparing. Everything in a mad rush. If there was some sense in them they could have borrowed some and then it wouldn't be such a panic. Planning has never been their strength.

In the evening Johanna cooked curry-chicken á la Samantha, but it wasn't as good as the 'real' thing. Again, we were supposed to be picked up at 5pm, but dad arrived late, had forgotten to buy some stuff, and in the end had bought too little of the coco-milk. Johanna went bananas. As usual things worked out pretty alright.

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that your parents can be that broke that the fridge is empty. Don't tell me they don't have savings? Anyway, I guess it's kinda embarrassing to borrow money, worse still from their children, aint it?

Olympics gonna be over soon. Hang in there, baby. And come over here so I can feed you with chicken curry a la Samantha ;) I miss you...