Saturday, August 14, 2004

The last night with the old

See you soon baby...

This is my last night working at this human end station. This morning it will be bye-bye Gröna Lunden. This summer has been a lot less interesting than last summer when I actually learned one or two things. I should try harder next summer when I will come back home completely broke (but fluent in Chinese!) to find something to do that brings me forward.

Then again, it's not that painful to work here. Tonight we had huge sandwiches with a mountain of shrimp on 'em. The other night one of the ladies made mushroom-sandwiches, and the night before that we had blueberry pie. Usually there's something left from the day which we can eat. So.. we mostly eat and watch TV. Recently I've been eating and typing on the computer. I guess I can do that for 138 SEK an hour.

On Monday I will register as unemployed and try to get some benefits for that. It's pretty complicated and I'm not sure if I will be able to get anything from it. As soon as I have emptied all means of getting easy money here I will take first flight to my baby who seems to be eagerly awaiting me. Love you!


Anonymous said...

My silly old moose stuffing himself silly. How's tums tums doing? :)

Well for an okay salary I guess I can sit around reading boring Sarbane-Oxley articles too. What's with work these days? Where's the challenge?

I havent had any of those huge sandwiches with shrimp before. Are they good? Are you going to be my dedicated Swedish chef when you get here, baby?

Please get yourself down here a.s.a.p. No nonsense or excuses this time! *whip*

Haha. I sure hope nobody reads this.

Anonymous said...

Gawd! Who's that babe?