Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Midnight chat with mum

It's hard to kick the habit of sitting up late at night. Especially when you have send your sister of in the middle of the night. Afterwards mum, Johanna, and me had a late night chat down at the lunch table. It was nice to sit and have some adult chat with your mum. We talked about when Johanna and I went abroad as exchange-students, I went to the US and Johanna to India. At that time we received two girls from America that lived with us. I have not gotten to know them, but my family still keeps in touch with them. They made my mum and the rest of the family here learn pretty decent English, and I think that was a great influence on my younger sisters. When talking about what mum and dad will do now when almost all of us has moved out, she said one of her dreams is to go and visit Memory's (Yes, her name is Memory) home in Oregon. Cecilia has already been there a couple of times and they are good friends.

Talked to Stefan about calling the local newspaper. He thought it could be a good idea, though saying that I probably can't expect much money from them. Never mind the money. It will be interesting if I can pull it off and an excuse to meet up with business people when being in China. That will be something new.

Also called up my former neighbour to ask about his job buying/selling screws. He gave me a phone number to some PR-person since he was going to India tomorrow morning. Should have called him before... damn... Anyway, they could be the first pilot project for me as a reporter.

Have probably killed like a dozen mosquitoes while typing this text and been bitten equal times. They are little fuckers. Why can't the Chinese start eating mosquitoes instead of terminating all our tigers, sharks, and snakes? All mosquitoes would be gone in a summer. Just have to figure out some bizarre medical use of them. They are good for your? Penis? Nah. They use tiger, sharks and snakes for that. Brain? Sorry, pig brain already has this function. Feet? Same. They already eat pig feet for that reason. Actually they eat X feet for that reason (insert random animal name instead of X). Eyes? They eat fish eyes. Anyone can think of a random medical use of mosquitoes? Give me a good one and I try to sell it when I go there

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Anonymous said...

Trying brewing them in wine or something? Maybe they'd taste good. I can't think of a use for mosquitoes unless someone wants to be irritating. Btw we don't only eat animal parts to improve those certain body parts.. we eat legs cuz they r tasty. I can think of no excuse for brains and the like.

Seems like you are going to busy yourself quite a bit in Sweden. But maybe that will give you good contacts in China, in case you want to work there as well.

Good luck with everything!